The Serenissima Republic and its History

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IThe first settlement in Venice was located on an island a little higher than the others, for this reason called Rivus Altus (hence Rialto). On the day of the Annunciation, which fell on March 25, 421, the first church of San Giacometo; the future Venice was erected ( hence the name Venezia) .

At that time the Italian peninsula was the scene of the ferocious raids of the barbarians while the lagoon was an ideal place to take refuge, since the invaders moved mostly on horseback. In fact, recent archaeological excavations have shown that towards the middle of the 5th century the inhabitants of Aquileia took refuge in the islets of the lagoon to escape invasions, but there are traces of the presence of settlements that have already been inhabited since Roman times.

When we talk about Venice, the first thing that comes to mind is PIAZZA SAN MARCO, with its Basilica, the tower with the Moors, the bell tower.

It should be known, however, that upon the arrival of the relics of St. Mark and the subsequent construction of the Basilica, this area was almost a large garden, crossed by the Rio Batario, then buried at the behest of Doge Vitale II Michiel.

Piazza San Marco is the only large space in the city of Venice which therefore has the privilege of being called "square", while all the other areas are called "campi".

In the years of the Serenissima Republic it hosted fairs, tournaments, processions and the hunting of bulls, while today it is decorated with bars including the famous Florian which is the oldest café in the world (1720) located under the arcades of the Procuratie Nuove in Piazza San Marco ., where you can sit and listen to some music played live.


To reach the city of Venice from the Hotel Ambasciata

At about 300 meters from the Hotel you will find the bus stop number 2 which, every 12 minutes. The bus stop is in front of the train station to take people to Piazzale Roma, the gateway to the lagoon city.

Or you can take the train to Venice which takes you to Santa Lucia station in a few minutes

For information on how to reach Venice you can contact the Reception of the Hotel Ambasciata