the Brenta Riviera

The Brenta, its Villas, the Versailles of the Serenissima Republic

Visit to the Riviera and its patrician villas

The Brenta River is approximately 10 km from the Mestre railway station (therefore from the Hotel Ambasciata) and extends along the banks of the Brenta River, still navigable today, until it reaches Venice.

It is an area of ​​high historical and landscape value due to the presence of numerous Venetian villas. Built in the period of the Serenissima Republic between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries by Venetian patrician families, which testify to the aristocratic power of the time.

At that time the Riviera was reached only by moving by boat, while the current roads were built later. The Venetian nobles were transported on the river by a boat called burchiello pulled from the banks by men, oxen or horses, while the goods were transported by boats called Burci. Even today the cruise along the Riviera del Brenta constitutes a tourist attraction.



For information on how to reach the Brenta River and its Villas, you can contact the Reception of the Hotel Ambasciata