Recharge your car with us for free

Perché abbiamo deciso di abbracciare questa scelta “Green”

 With us at the Hotel Ambasciata, hospitality is a mantra, and we want our guests to feel comfortable with us, that's why we offer our internal parking for free (subject to availability), and then ... Want you to put the convenience of to fill up your car with electricity while you are in your hotel room? Travelers who own an electric car have one more reason to choose the Ambasciata Hotel. Equipped with a charging station inside its own car park of 11 Kwatt / hour.

This means choosing a lifestyle where comfort and environment coexist, an increasingly indispensable combination, even on vacation. And then, you know, getting around Italy behind the wheel of an electric vehicle is not that easy.

Staying in a hotel that offers a useful service such as recharging the electric car therefore becomes an opportunity to make the holiday even more ecological and travelers will be more inclined to stop where they know they can easily recharge their car while staying at the hotel.